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combines oxygen with LPG to provide a high temperature flame that burns into the case of landmines and UXO (UneXploded Ordnance), igniting the contents.

MineBurner can be used optionally to burn out, deflagrate or high order ERW (Explosive Remnants of War), depending upon application.

The patented MineBurner system and accessories are air transport classified as non Hazardous.

The destruction of mines through burning is an acceptable practice and various pyrotechnical systems are available today. These are classified as Hazardous Goods for shipping.

MineBurner eliminates the problem of storage and ground transport of explosives.

Using MineBurner efficiently, the cost to render safe each target can be reduced to around E1.00 Euro.

LPG (cooking gas) and bottled oxygen is locally available.

MineBurner can be used to render-safe UXO in situ, when it is found in sensitive locations.

MineBurner uses a wireless remote firing system with ultra-safe features with 2km+ range without line-of-sight requirements.

A MineBurner system consists of 10 Field Modules enabling 10 targets to be burnt simultaneously for efficiency.


Self-contamination problem caused by the traditional method
of detonating ERW using explosive charges is eliminated.

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